Eurovision 2016 Live Blog: Day 1

Come Together. The 2016 slogan.

Well, here it is. The Eurovision Song Contest has officially begun with the Opening Ceremony. This week is going to be full of fun and madness and I am so excited for it all to begin. Tomorrow morning I will be flying out first thing to Stockholm, via Arlanda Airport and I am all checked in for my flight. Let’s do this!!

So, if anybody has been catching up with the rehearsals recently from the Globe Arena, you will know that we are in for a visual treat this year. If there is one thing I love, it’s light shows and LED’s on a big scale, part of the reason I love the contest so much as every year there is always new technology being introduced. If you can, make sure to check out the Belarus performance at the 2nd Semi-Final on the 12th May, although if they qualify you can also check out their performance on Saturday night at the Grand Final. Either way, it is not one to miss, there is a brilliant use of LED and holograms in their performance. Also, Russia are bringing out the big guns this year too and will have a stellar performance, Sergey Lazarev (the Russian singer) is also the hot favourite to win the contest this year. I also can’t wait to see the hosts, last years winner Måns Zelmerlöw along with the 2013 host Petra Mede, I do think this is a great combo and they will host a brilliant show.

The Eurovision Hosts

So in terms of what to expect, you can be sure to be in for a great show. There is a lot of good quality music involved this year and is probably one of the best years for the songs used, although nobody can seem to agree on who the winner will be. Even though Russia is the hot favourite to win, I am not totally convinced that they will win it. You have to remember that this year there is a new voting procedure where the viewing public and the National Juries throughout Europe will be voting seperately, as oppose to having their votes combined and given in one vote. This is going to make for an interesting night on Saturday, and if the Juries don’t like your performance then you will be heavily relying on the public vote to do well. Cast your mind back to last year, Sweden, despite being the winner, was not actually the favourite song amongst the voting public and actually came third. Italy topped the votes by a big margin and Russia by a lesser one, but when it came down to the Jury vote, Italy didn’t do so well, which is why they came third overall.

Dami Im – The Australian singer

So my plans for the week are to go to every show on every night, so that’s basically tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night I will be at the Globen Arena. The night before the televised shows there is always what’s known as the Jury final, where the National Juries watch a “dummy” show and vote, essentially meaning that every artist has to bring their “A” game two nights in a row in order to do well. I will report back on how each show goes by writing about it, right here. Don’t forget to subscribe for all of the details! I also plan to frequent the Euroclub and Euro Fan Café and hopefully meet some good people and of course, some artists! I will also be visiting the Eurovillage to see all of the stalls there, will be visiting the ABBA museum which is now also hosting a Eurovision Exhibition and also hopefully will be seeing the Australian singer Dami Im (pictured above) give an acoustic and intimate show on Tuesday afternoon where there will also be a Q&A session.

The Eurovision venues in Stockholm

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