A Day Out In Guernsey

So today, quite randomly, I went on a day trip to Guernsey. Guernsey, as you may know, is located in the Channel Islands down near the North of France. Guernsey is not part of the United Kingdom but is considered to be “British”. Guernsey have their own currency but they still accept the British Pound as payment and things over there are very British with a hint of French.

I set off very early, at 6am in the morning. I was so tired as I only just finished a night shift the morning before and was still in night shift “mode” as it were. I didn’t get much sleep as my body was used to being awake all of the night so it was a hard adjustment and I just know as writing this, that I will find it very hard to stay awake later. Needless to say though, I am excited about my trip to Guernsey…

So I got to Guernsey just after 12pm in the afternoon, and it looked gorgeous. The sun was out in full swing and the blue skies were gorgeous. I really did pick a good day for it. The ferry went straight into the heart of St Peter Port, which is the main hub of Guernsey. I first went to go and visit the Cornet Castle located in the harbour of St Peter Port, the origins of the Castle were built in the 1200’s so it was good to see. The Castle has mainly been used throughout the years as the defense against other nations who would try and attack and capture Guernsey back in the day.

Cornet Castle

From the Castle, I went and explored the main shopping hub of Guernsey. There are no recognisable branded shops over here, mainly French boutique shops and cafés which felt very rustic. I treated myself to a hot chocolate and a Banana & Honey bagel which tasted absolutely divine. I am going to have to try and repeat that when I get home. What struck me the most though is how friendly and happy everyone is, I was walking around fumbling with my camera at one point and got in the way of a lady coming the opposite direction, I said sorry, but instead of just ignoring me, she said it was no problem and smiled. I don’t know about you, but you would never have this type of reception in a place like London or the like.


The day was getting on after eating my bagel, I had seen a few sights during my four hour stay in Guernsey, but I wanted to keep exploring as much as possible. I started climbing up this hill, I just had an instinct I guess, but I ended up in a high place overlooking the harbour and the rest of St Peter Port. The views were fantastic and I managed to get a few snaps that I am very proud of, what do you think?

2016-05-04 15.47.39.jpg

So it was now time to go home, back to Poole on the ferry. I was so tired at this point that I ended up sleeping on the ferry, I can only imagine what people must have been thinking. I also got very sunburnt too, but I have learnt my lesson and I have stocked up on loads of sun tan lotion in time for my next trip to Stockholm on Monday. Talking of which, don’t forget to subscribe to get all of the updates from Stockholm regarding the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. I am so excited!

I finally got home at about 10pm that night and I went straight to bed. It is only now, two days later, that I have finished writing up this blog for you to digest. I have taken loads of great photos and I have even put together this montage video which you can watch by simply pressing the play button below, enjoy!