Eurovision Song Contest 2016 – The Official Countdown


Yes that’s right, exactly a month from today will be the date of the Grand Final of the 61st Eurovision Song Contest, held in Stockholm, Sweden. Are you excited? I certainly am, and for the first time ever I will be in Stockholm, in the Eurovision bubble for the entire week. Yes, Eurovision is a lot more than just one night nowadays, in fact it is a whole week starting with the Opening Ceremony on the Sunday beforehand and then a show every night leading up to the Grand Final.


So, as you may know, I am a massive fan of the show and this will mark the third time that I have gone to the contest, but without a doubt not my last. If you follow my Social Networks, you may have noticed my full ranking of all of the 43 songs participating in this years event, from #43 all the way down to #1, with the #1 being revealed today. With no surprise to probably anybody, my favourite song of the contest this year is the song by the smallest country in the contest, Russia. I have my reservations about what would happen if Russia do go on to win this year, but we should leave politics out of the singing competition and vote for the best song. Russia may be my favourite, but of course, Eurovision is so unpredictable that it literally could go any way this year, and I think this year is more open than the previous years and I don’t neccessarily think that Russia have this completely in the bag, especially with the new voting system and if the National Juries don’t vote for it.

Anyway, here is my full ranking video for you to enjoy, do you agree or disagree? I want to point out this is my order of how much I like each song as oppose to what my predictions are, these will come in future blogs…

There are a lot of good songs in the mix isn’t there, even if they don’t win, I think some of these will be in my iTunes playlists over the next few months.

So what are my plans for next month? Well, I will be at every show including all of the Dress Rehearsal shows where the National Juries will produce their votes. I plan to write a blog every day that I am out there and will be bringing my laptop to put together my video diaries of every day too. I am not going to be unrealistic and say that these will all be done in a timely matter but I will do my best to get these out on the following day by noon. I plan to do a lot of sight-seeing whilst I am in Stockholm, the last time being out there in 2008, so I expect there will be a lot of new things to see. I will be putting photos up on my Instagram too and you will be able to find my videos on my YouTube page, don’t forget to follow me on my Twitter too. The links to all of these are below:




I hope to meet up with a few of my friends whilst out there, the tight knit Eurovision community is always a good chance to catch up with people you met previously along with new people and despite going it alone on my first Eurovision adventure in 2013, I found it so easy to meet new people, despite my shy personality. If you are reading this and looking for people to hang with in Stockholm, please don’t be afraid to get in contact.

I found out yesterday that my accrediation got approved and thus will be going to the Euro Fan Café and EuroClub in Stockholm. For those who don’t know what these are, they are basically pop-up events for whenever the Eurovision Song Contest is in town and hosts many different types of events, and brings fans, media and delegations (including the artists) together under one roof. It is a great way to interact with other people and also acts use this as a promotion ground, sort of like a “you vote for me if I give you free chocolate” type thing. I am not even exaggerating here either, as I remember back in 2013, the act from Belarus gave away branded chocolate with their face planted all over it and also the song position of where they were in the semi-final, suttle promotion and that.


Tomorrow is the release date of the official 2016 album on iTunes, where all 43 songs will finally be released in high quality mp3 glory. I have pre-ordered mine and will be introducing them to my iTunes library tomorrow. If you follow my Music of the Month blogs, there will be no surprise when the whole Top 10 songs this month will probably be Eurovision related. Thunder and lightning, it’s getting very exciting. You can also pre-order your copy at this link.


OK, so there’s not really much else to tell you right now, only to stay tuned for further updates. Please get in contact if you are also going to the contest this year as I would love to hear from you. Eurovision is such a big love and passion of mine and even though people may think it’s daft, silly or too “political”, it really is the most atmospheric event you will ever go to. I love how everybody literally “comes together” (oh my god, I just quoted the tag line for this years event) and shares in the moment. People, old and young, from all over the world, not just Europe, all basking in the happiness and in such a positive frame of mind, combined with some good music, what else can you ask for?

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  1. Gets you access to EuroClub, Euro Fan Cafe etc and in recent years free transportation around the city etc. It is so worth it and more!


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