MiMi and Car Boot Sales

It has been a busy couple of weeks since I last wrote about what is going on in my life. Following on from my last blog, I got Sky Q fitted in the house and so far it seems to be going well, only a few teething issues which I am sure will be ironed out in the updates that will come from Sky HQ. I love that it has taken TV into the here and now, and uses both live TV and catch up TV in order to give you a grand line up. Bravo Sky! I am now waiting for the Ultra HD channels to launch (which are rumoured to not be native 4K but very close to it, much like the 1080i of yesteryear). It’s going to be an amazing summer for TV.

2016-03-21 20.20.31

So, if you subscribe to me on YouTube, or even Facebook or Twitter, you will know that last week me and a couple of my friends went up to Chessington: World of Adventures in Surrey for a great day out. It was the first time that I had visited Chessington since the late 90’s and so I was excited to go back and relive my youth. If you know me, you will know that I love my thrill rides and rollercoasters, and so Thorpe Park has always been a favourite place of mine to visit. This time, we opted for Chessington, which is a lot more aimed towards young children as opposed to teenagers and adults. We picked a fantastic day for it though, as not only was the Spring weather out in force with lovely sunny skies, but there was hardly anybody there, which meant no queues, for like anything! I think the longest we queued for something was about 5 minutes on the popular Vampire ride, which has to be the scariest ride of the lot.

Being at Chessington brought back a lot of childhood memories being there and it was great to spend a lovely day with my friends. The highlight for me was going on the Bubbleworks ride, although you can’t really call it a ride but more like a boat trip. There’s just something about the smell of soap in there that flashes back memories. Me and my friends had a great day, we even had a sing-song on the way back (which is now also uploaded to my YouTube channel) and we have vowed for that to not be the last time either. Here is the video that of the day at Chessington anyway, for your viewing pleasure.

So what else to tell you? Well, last Wednesday I travelled up to London to go and see Mariah Carey, yes the legendary diva herself, live at the O2 Arena. I frequent the O2 Arena a lot and so I manage to pick the best seats in the house, dead on centre but at the back, but it was fantastic as I managed to take some fantastic shots of her and you could see the whole thing unfold. Mariah was actually fantastic, I did have some reservations if I am honest, but she blew me away, she delivered all (ok, most) of her vocal runs like she did when back in the 1990’s and she put on a great show, even if she was 15 minutes late to the stage. I suppose this was part of the appeal of seeing Mariah Carey anyway, she is like the biggest diva in the world.

Mariah performed many of her classic hits, including my favourites “Always Be My Baby”, “Hero”, “Touch My Body” and of course “Fantasy”. Mariah even paid tribute to two other legendary performers who she had worked with in her career at some point, both Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Since seeing Mariah, I have been playing a lot of her back catalogue on my iTunes, she had some great songs from back in the day, I hope that we can get new material from her soon.

In the meantime, check out this highlights video that I took on the night…

A funny story to tell you was when I met up with my partner in crime Amy again last week, she has recently moved back down to London which is fantastic as I will get to see a lot more of her. I travelled up to stay with her late last week and we were going to go to a car boot sale the next morning to sell a lot of stuff. Oh my, let me tell you, what an experience that was. We parked up at where we were going to have our “stand”, and literally as soon as we got out of the car we had people coming up to us in herds asking about what we had to sell and did we have this? etc etc. It was scary as they all came up to the car and it felt like chaos. I’m all for people wanting to buy things but I did think this was a bit crazy. We had a fun day of selling things in the sunshine (I think I had the best luck with the weather last week) and doing a lot of people watching. Needless to say, I don’t think I will be selling at a car boot sale again after that experience, but it was a funny experience to say the least. We went back to Amy’s after and had the best barbecue ever, it was really nice. We booked tickets to go to the Color Run at Wembley Stadium in June, so watch out for the pictures and videos from that day.


Anyway, I have got to put my washing on. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next blog from me. If you follow my Music of the Month blogs, the next one will of course be out on the 1st April, what music have I been digging in the past month (apart from Mariah)?