Melodifestivalen & TV Upgrades

Hello you lovely lot, thank you for reading another of my blogs. I have started to become a lot more confident in expressing myself through written blogs and exposing all of the triumphs and pitfalls in my life to you all. I aim to write a lot more in the upcoming months, especially as the biggest music event in my life is on the horizon, only two months away!

If you are living under a rock, or you don’t know me to be more specific, you will know that the big music event I am talking about is of course the Eurovision Song Contest, this year being the 61st edition. The contest is due to be held in the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm in May and I will be visiting the city the week that the contest is on (yes, it is a week worth of events). I am so excited for the contest, and right now, we are at the peak of interest about the upcoming shows, mainly because all of the countries throughout Europe (oh, and Australia) are revealing their entries (the songs) which are going to compete for the winner’s trophy.

So, the contest is being held in Sweden and Sweden is notorious for producing great music, music that can be heard worldwide. They run their own music festival every year as well which runs for 6 weeks beginning in February and ending in March. This music festival is called “Melodifestivalen” which is basically Swedish for Song Festival. The festival has gained more and more fans as each year goes on and is also the highest rated Swedish TV Show in their country, it doesn’t get bigger than this for the Swedes. 28 songs compete for the trophy, with 4 different heats at first, held in different cities throughout Sweden. From each heat, the two most voted for songs go direct to the final which is always held in Stockholm, and also the third and fourth placed songs go in to the “Andra Chansen” round (which means another chance) which is the fifth show in the series. In the Andra Chansen round, there is a total of 8 songs competing, and they basically go into duels, so you either vote for Song A or Song B and the most voted song of the two goes to the final. It is a very exciting series of shows and the music is as you would expect, very good. The music used to be tarnished with lots of Swedish Schlager (which is basically the cheesiest type of pop music) but in recent years this has been phased out and made way for contemporary and modern sounding songs, songs which wouldn’t sound out of place on the radio.

The 28 competing acts in this years Melodifestivalen

Anyway, I am going off topic here. The reason I am telling you about Melodifestivalen is that the final happened last weekend and it had a very exciting line-up full of great songs, it was very hard to pick a winner out of the bunch of songs that made it into the final. The winner turned out to be Frans who sang the song “If I Were Sorry” which sounds like a song lifted from Justin Bieber’s recent album, but with a modern folk twist mixed in. The song has had a lot of mixed reviews since winning but it has to be said that this type of song is very popular at the moment and I could even see it conquering America who is loving this type of music right now. The winner of each Melodifestivalen also wins the honour of (you guessed it) representing Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. Last year, Måns Zelmerlöw won the festival with a landslide and immediately went in as the favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest too (which he did) and in the last few years Sweden have been doing amazingly well in the contest, mainly because the songs that are winning are very relatable and have a very modern sound. This year is no exception and I think we can see Frans competing amongst other performers across Europe for the win yet again.

Frans won Melodifestivalen with the song “If I Were Sorry

Melodifestivalen has dominated my life in the last couple of weeks, I have been listening to a lot of the songs from the show and watching many YouTube videos (including the official Melodifestivalen channel which can be found by clicking here) and I love so many of the competing songs. If you follow my Music of the Month blogs, I think you can be sure at least a song or two from Melodifestivalen in my most listened to lists.

So what is Sky Q?

So, what else is new? Well, we are getting Sky Q installed in our home next week on the 21st March. If you don’t know what this is, well Sky is the biggest satellite provider in the world and have recently revealed a new service called Sky Q which offers fluid viewing and brings the TV into the 21st century. You can now watch TV shows on the move and watch wherever you are within the house. You can now also watch Ultra HD shows (which is perfect in time for the upcoming summer olympics) and it also brings YouTube and other online services into your TV guide, basically making it so much more adaptable to what you want to watch. I am very excited for it to be installed, we have already received the new Sky Q Hub which is the new Wireless router from Sky. The other great thing about Sky Q is that every box in the house will now work as being it’s own internet hub, through the power of powerline technology. This will basically use electrical wires in your house to transmit internet data from the main Sky Q hub to the Sky Q TV boxes and turning them into hotspots, meaning the internet connectivity is enhanced throughout the house. This is especially useful when you are in a big house, when wifi signals can get weaker and weaker the further you are away from the main hub.

file (1)
Sky calls the new service “Fluid Viewing”

It is going to be very exciting to get the new service installed and I will of course update you all on how it all goes in just over a week. Is anybody else getting this upgrade or have it already? Get in contact as I would love to hear from you.

Here are some pictures of how the new service looks, along with the touch controlled remote. It does look pretty exciting, doesn’t it!?

So there you have it, another blog down. Stay tuned for more updates soon as I will be going to Chessington next week as well as seeing Mariah Carey in concert. Sadly, I will no longer be going to see Janet Jackson as she rescheduled (well, cancelled) her UK tour and so this will no longer be happening. I am considering using the refunded money on going to see All Saints instead who will be touring and promoting their latest album “Red Flag” later in the year.

Thanks for reading.

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