Eurovision Shows & Emoji Kings

Hello all, how are you all? Did you know that today is a leap day? Yes, it’s the 29th February and this rare day only occurs every four years, just for info. What are you planning on doing today to celebrate? Nothing, you say? Just the normal routine? Yeah, me too! Sadly! Although I am going out for dinner a little bit later on which will be quite nice and maybe that will be a nice little way to celebrate.

So it’s March tomorrow and I am extremely excited about this prospect as it means that springtime is well on it’s way and soon we will be seeing baby lambs and baby cows all over green fields dotted with yellow daffodils. March is also normally the time when the weather perks up a bit more and the sun comes out to tantalize us all. I am also planning to get back on the game exercise wise next month, I will be honest, I have slipped off the wagon since December, but then I do blame the cold and dreary weather for this 100%, not the fact that I have lost enthusiasm at all! Nah, it’s the perfect opportunity now for me to get back on the game and get back on the bike, after all, I am planning on doing visits down to the New Forest with the bike to get a lot of mileage in, so I need to start practising now before it’s too late.


So in recent times, I haven’t done an awful lot to be honest. I am still enjoying work after my fantastic promotion in January and can now say that I have started my new role, even though I will be doing what I have already been doing for the past three years, just with a new title.

On Friday just gone, I went up to London again to go and see a concert. I say a concert, but actually it was a show that was being filmed live for BBC Four. The concert in question was the Eurovision: You Decide selection where the British public decided the act to send to Stockholm in May to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. The BBC had launched the songs earlier in the week on their website and my favourite was the song by a country/pop duo called Darline, the song being called “Until Tomorrow”. The song in studio form sounded fantastic and I could really see it doing well in the contest, but unfortunately, when they sang it live, it didn’t really show the true potential that the song could have had with better staging and dare I say it, singing. I do blame this down to the sound processors in the hall though. The show was held at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town, North London. It was the first time I had gone to Kentish Town and apart from the O2 Forum venue, there wasn’t much else there to keep me entertained. My favourite performance on the night was by a girl called Bianca, who was in a girl band (Parade) and has recently gone solo. Bianca gave a fantastic vocal on the night, even though the song was rather mediocre for my taste, but it showed that she would have potential to give it all in Stockholm. The eventual winners of the show were a duo called Joe and Jake, who formed a duo after competing (against each other) in the BBC show “The Voice”. I have to give credit where it’s due, the song is rather catchy and sounds current, and they also nailed a good vocal, despite the song not having the most complicated vocals in the world. I am pleased with the choice though, and I am hoping that more than anything, we will not be last in this year’s Eurovision, I do think a win is completely out of the question though at this stage.

2016-02-26 20.20.27

So, do you use Facebook? You may have noticed the new emoji reactions that you can now use when replying to friends posts, I personally love them and think that this is well overdue. When a friend posts a sad post, instead of just being left with a “like” you can now react with them and empathize and use the sad reaction face. When this was released to the UK users the other day, I couldn’t help myself but react to literally every post in my News Feed, it just had to be done! I do hope that Twitter (who seem to be copying Facebook a lot recently) follow suit too.


So apart from the above, and also buying my first Nutri Ninja (which works brilliantly by the way) I haven’t done an awful lot recently. I hope this changes next month, what with spring coming and everything. I am sure it will though, and I will have a lot to discuss and talk about in my next blog. It is worth mentioning that the final of Melodifestivalen (the biggest Swedish music festival on the planet) is on it’s way in less than a couple of weeks and I cannot wait for that! If any of you readers have been watching, who is your favourite so far?

Don’t forget that tomorrow I will also be posting my MOTM (that’s Music of the Month, not Man of the Match) blog too, who is going to be my #1 most played?

Thank you for reading!