Music of the Month – December 2015

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas everyone! How was your Christmas? I will keep this short and sweet but the time has come to look back at the music listened to in the last month, well 25 days. There will be a blog coming that looks at the best music of the year but this will be out in the New Year.

So this month, of course, it was Christmas season. Christmas songs have taken over the airwaves and so it is no surprise that a Christmas song has reached #1.

Yes, the combined forces of Kylie and Dannii Minogue have rocketed to the top, with their tribute to Christmas in the Summer. Yes, you forget you see, that in Australia right now, it is the middle of their summer season and they have sizzling temperatures of up to (you guessed it) 100 degrees. My, how I would love to experience Christmas with a barbecue one day.

So, let us take a look at the video…

100 Degrees had a total of 29 plays this month, beating it’s nearest rival by 9 plays. It’s a great song and well worth a listen, even after you are all festived out.

Here is the full Top 10 of December 2015…

  1. (NE) Kylie & Dannii Minogue100 Degrees29 plays
  2. (⬆︎3) KDATurn The Music Louder (Rumble)20 plays
  3. (⬆︎1) Fleur EastSax18 plays
  4. (⬇︎2) Justin BieberSorry16 plays
  5. (NE) BeckDreams13 plays
  6. (⬇︎5) DrakeHotline Bling13 plays
  7. (⬇︎4) ColdplayAdventure Of A Lifetime13 plays
  8. (⬇︎1) Ariana GrandeFocus12 plays
  9. (NE) Katherine JenkinsSilent Night10 plays
  10. (NE) ColdplayChristmas Lights10 plays

So just very quickly, wanted to mention that Madonna was my #1 most played artist of the last month with 155 plays. This will come to no surprise to anybody, seeing as I saw her live (for the very first time) at the beginning of the month. It was fantastic seeing one of my ultimate idols live in person and she put on such a great show at The O2 in London. Here are just a couple of pictures I took from the show…

The most played album of the month was Kylie Christmas by Kylie Minogue with 92 plays. Packed full of festive tunes, it will no doubt be brought out to play every December going forward. Including the #1 most played song “100 Degrees” it has covers of many favourite Christmas tunes, and Kylie adds her dazzling charms to each song. A worthy listen.

KylieMinogue1 (1)
Kylie Minogue has sang her way to the top, again.

So there we have it, 2015 is coming to a close and so is my series of blogs for this year. What a great year for music it has been, right? I really can’t wait for next year, a lot is planned, and I feel that there will be a lot more exciting music coming out to keep us all entertained. There is a long time now between now and the end of January but join me on February 1st to see what tunes got me through the most depressing month of the year (it is though, right?). Merry Christmas everybody!