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Hey guys, a very short and sweet blog this time. I promise.

So, as you may or may not know, I use the site Last.FM every day to look back at all of the songs and albums etc that I listen to and to gather a ton of statistics. If you haven’t heard of Last.FM, come out from that rock you are hiding under and check it out, especially if you are a keen music lover. My stats from the site are used to create my iTunes playlists, as well as looking back at monthly charts to put together my blogs on here. I love the site and have used it for over 10 years now (you can read my 10 year blog here) and even though it has had many downfalls, it has recently risen from the ashes (like a phoenix) and now gives a whole load of stats to look back on, which is awesome.

My problem is this, it doesn’t give me an accurate amount of plays and stats for 2015, which I am gutted about. 2015 has been a great year in music, and sadly for me, I will not be able to have a full overview of what I listened to as the stats got messed up back in July. In July, Last.FM moved all of their data to new servers and went to a Beta site for a few months with limited features. I did write about this at the time, especially on my Twitter, where I was very vocal in how I was very disappointed in them doing this. In the process of this happening, many of my scrobbles from years ago got messed up, especially the compilation albums and so these got re-added manually, messing up how my chart looks for this year. It’s a sad but true situation.

The good news is this, in the last week, we are finally back to where we were (kinda). I can now view all of the stats that I need, including the weekly look-backs which have been missing for so long, and more in-depth statistics and charts of any given time, which is amazing to me. 2016 is going to be a completely fresh start for both the site and the way I listen to my music and I really can’t wait to get started. There will be monthly blogs as there have always been, and I can finally get back to my weekly playlists in my iTunes.

The reason I am writing this blog is mainly because I am conscious that some of you like to see my yearly blogs on what I have listened to and seeing the music that I have loved, but this year there will not be a full chart. I instead will be putting together a summary blog, where we look at certain tracks from the last year and I can give you my views and scrobbling patterns for these songs.

I  hope you all have a Merry Christmas next week and don’t forget to come back on the 26th December where I look back at the music of December 2015, and then on the 1st January there will be a series of blogs on how life and music were during the whole of 2015. See you then.

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