Ever-So-Shrinking Dan (Part 3)

It has been such a long time since I updated this series of blogs, so apologies. There is a reason why I haven’t posted on how I am getting on though, and that is because nothing has really changed.

I did hit the 3 stone mark though in late October, which I am really happy about. Since then, I have lingered around the same weight and haven’t really gone down any more.

With the Winter months ahead of us, I always do lose interest to go outdoors or to go to the gym, which is bad, I know. I am intending to make a fresh start at it all in early January though, this time signing up for some gym classes as well. I still do enjoy cycling, but what I don’t enjoy is cycling in the dark, maybe that is just me, but nothing terrifies me more than riding on the road at night (despite having reflective clothing and lights). So, for the moment, my exercise is from gym work only and no cycling.

I enjoy going for a ride, but not at night time.

Talking of going to the gym, who knew combining a workout at the gym with swimming afterwards would be such a great combination? Recently, I would do my workout as usual, but instead of going home and showering, I would simply go to the swimming pool, get showered and then do a few lengths. I actually find it relaxes the muscles down, so you don’t get home with that aching like feeling after going to the gym. I also find that I still have energy to go swimming, and then even more energy once I have finished. Who knew!? I will definitely be keeping up with this routine, but just more of it.

A nice refreshing dip in the pool, it does wonders.

I will be honest, the diet has gone out of the window recently. I say diet, but it was never really a diet in the modern sense of the word. I have been teaching myself how to eat properly and thinking of it as a lifestyle change more than anything. I am still eating healthily, and still prefer fruits to sweets, which is always a good thing of course. I just need to eat more of it and cut out the carbs, my vice at the moment seems to be bread. Anything bread related gets eaten, so I need to try and work out a way to avoid this.

So, all in all, not such a great blog. However, I have to keep reminding myself how far I have come, and that 3 stone is actually a big amount to lose in itself. It is equivalent to almost 20 bags of sugar, or the maximum allowance of luggage you can bring on an airplane, so that is an awful lot. My journey is far from over, oh no, believe me when I say this blog will keep going to part 303 if it has to, but eventually I will get down to my target weight.

Scary to think that I have lost the weight of an average suitcase.

I am aware that Christmas is on the horizon, and I know I am going to be busy in the lead up to this, and all of the parties and eating out that will undoubtably happen as well. I will write again in the New Year about where I am at in my headspace, and my plans, and where I am physically as well. The way I look at it is this will always be an ongoing journey for me, not a short term fix, and there are going to be up’s and down’s (literally) but it’s about teaching myself how to be healthy which counts.

Christmas is well and truly on it’s way.

I would love to hear from you if you are on a similar journey to me, please get in touch. Also, watch out for a number of blogs coming up in the next month, there is going to be a lot to discuss! Thanks for reading.

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  1. Sounds like you are still doing really well. Keep up the good work. I, on the other hand seem to be moving in the opposite direction 😦


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