Ever-So-Shrinking Dan (Part 2)

So, time for another update on how I am getting on with my current weight loss challenge. It has been a harder month, this past month, than the previous months. I have struggled to find the motivation to keep going to the gym and have also found that I still “pig-out” on bad food now and again. I am still going to the gym, and have also incorporated some swimming sessions too, but I need to get back my motivation to keep going all of the time and win back that determination.

I can do this!

I am still going cycling, which I love, and I find myself going far and wide when I get on the saddle, there is nothing better than taking to the open road and just keep going and going, soaking in different sights along the way. I find cycling a lot easier nowadays as I am more used to it, but I need to continue to push myself and not continue to do the same thing each time.

So where am I at right now? Well, I have lost little bit more weight than when I wrote my blog last month, but it’s not the biggest weight loss in the world. I have now lost a total of 2 stone and 8 pounds since June, which is a brilliant achievement I guess. If you remember, I told you last month that about 1 stone of that was initially lost with a horrible bug I had back in June, but because of that I wanted to continue seeing my weight go down. I haven’t lost a massive amount in the last month and maybe this is because I have become complacent?

2 stone and 8 pounds have been evicted!

The thing I find is that when I am at the gym, or in the pool, or on my bike, it is then that I have my inspiration to work hard, but it’s getting to the gym etc that I find the difficult part. I just have to keep telling myself that if I want to see results I have to keep at it, as it’s not going to do it on it’s own. My target is to try and lose a total of 5 stone by the end of the year, and I am already over half-way there, so that’s a positive thing. It’s just pushing through this lull and making sure I don’t lose sight on the end goal.

I am still eating healthily and being sensible with my food, I am allowing treats now and again, but if I eradicate them completely I will not stick to this routine. I love having fruit and mixing different combinations together in smoothies. I think in the next month I am going to try and reduce the number of treats and become stricter on myself, but at the same time not completely blocking everything out. It’s about finding the right balance.

How yummy does this look?

I have read many weight loss blogs and vlogs over the years and seen how different people go through different periods, I honestly think this is the phase where I have just got into a bit of a lull. I can snap out of this, and I will, even by just writing my thoughts in this blog that you’re reading, I am getting more and more inspired about what I am going to do next. I really enjoy swimming, and I think in the winter months when the dark nights come in, I am going to have to consider a different way to burn calories than the preferred cycle rides.

I hope that the next time I publish a blog on this subject, I want to have hit that three stone target. It is not completely out of the question, and it really will put me on a high. So this is my promise to you, and myself, that the three stone goal is going to be hit by this time next month. Deal? Nice doing business with you.

It’s important to remember the reasons I want to lose weight in the first place, and that’s wanting to be more healthy, fitter, and well, being able to fit on rides at theme parks. Yes, one of the big flashbulb moments that told me I need to do something came earlier this year when visiting one of my favourite theme parks and not being able to get on not 1, not 2, but 3 rides. Humiliation was the biggest understatement of the year, and I am using that as my drive to keep going. In a conversation with a friend recently, it came up the suggestion about going back to the said theme park in a few months time, when I have hopefully got to my target weight, and then being able to get on those rides. That feeling of accomplishment is what I am heading and aiming for, and regardless of this dull month, I will get there one way or another!

I will get back on that roller-coaster!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for my next blog on my weight loss journey next month, you can also subscribe to my blog if you wish (and I will also love you forever). Until next time folks…

Another recent selfie, this was at 2 stone and 6 pounds lost.

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