10 Years of Scrobbling (and the downhill spiral of Last.FM)

I can’t believe it has been 10 years already since I first started using a little known website called Last.FM. It had been out for about a year or so before I had signed up but since signing up, my music tastes and library have changed for the better. It opened my taste buds to anything out there and made me more aware of new music out there in the market.

Throughout the years it has seen many changes and many chart trends, but it’s time to celebrate that exactly 10 years ago on the date 25th August 2005 I signed up and have since scrobbled over 560,000 times, that is well on the way to a million scrobbles people.

In the very first chart produced from my listening stats, the first number 1 was Bobby Valentino (remember him?) with the song “Tell Me”, it had a total of 10 plays that week. You have to remember that back in those days, only plays from iTunes on your computer counted. It would take a couple of years before you could scrobble from your iPod, then your iPhone, then your iPad and then a few more years before you could scrobble from pretty much anywhere, SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Rdio you name it. In the old days, it was all very basic, but then at the time I think the only time I did listen to music was on my old computer, with probably only about 1 or 2 thousand songs in total. Here is “Tell Me” by Bobby Valentino, it did take me a while to remember it too.

Unfortunately, as you may have seen on my frustrated Twitter posts recently, Last.FM has took a turn for the worse and have launched a new site that is not functioning at all well. I really don’t know what they are playing at, many users are jumping ship and leaving them to it. I really don’t understand why they have launched a half-baked site in my opinion, where the ability to even scrobble music to the site is not working. It breaks me to say this, but after 10 years I feel that this could be the end. Unless they can drastically get everything back running normally again, I will be saying goodbye.

I have been using the site to mainly look back on what has been popular in my music library throughout the years, my listening trends and of course being able to look back at my most played songs in my “Song of the Month” blogs (which were going to be renamed to “Music of the Month” to incorporate all of my Apple Music streaming too). I really hope that they can get their act together and sort out the site, we need the basic functionality back. Whether or not there will be a “Music of the Month” blog at the beginning of September remains to be seen. I am keeping faith though.

So on to a positive note, let’s look at my Top 10 ever played songs, shall we? I love little countdowns like this. So, from #10 to #1, these are the songs that have been played to kingdom come in the last ten years.


Madonna – Girl Gone Wild (2012) – 364 plays


Dannii Minogue – Perfection (2005) – 372 plays


David Guetta & Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over (2009) – 373 plays


Dannii Minogue – So Under Pressure (2006) – 379 plays


Spice Girls – Viva Forever (1998) – 420 plays


Madonna – Hung Up (2005) – 434 plays


Britney Spears – Gimme More (2007) – 436 plays


Spice Girls – Spice Up Your Life (1997) – 443 plays


Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (2001) – 477 plays


Loreen – Euphoria (2012) – 504 plays

I appreciate this blog is very basic, considering what was promised last month. I was hoping to give you a bit more insight year by year on what was the most popular songs, but alas, Last.FM’s site does not currently let me see this information accurately. I have had to ditch those plans. I have been a user and lover of the site for 10 years, and hope to still see it going in another 10 years time. Whatever I will be doing in 2025, I can look back at this blog and compare my music tastes, will there be any big changes?

I just hope that the site gets back on track, it has always and still has great potential, especially in the streaming world. It gives an accurate picture of what songs are most popular amongst the people who listen, and to see all of that go forever would be a disaster.

Come back on September 1st to see whether or not I can publish my first “Music of the Month” blog.

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  1. Next year will be my 10 year anniversary. I quite like the new site and haven’t noticed any issues. The only thing I see missing is the calendar option to see weekly scrobbles right back to 2006. I hope that comes back!


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