Music of the Month

So there is no “Song of the Month” blog this month, I have already explained reasons for this here but it is also time to announce a name change going forward. To tie in with Apple Music, there will no longer be any more Song of the Month blogs, but now there will be Music of the Month blogs.

The blogs will be starting officially next month, well at the beginning of September, looking back at all of the best music of August 2015. Today though I will be doing a soft launch of the blogs, and explaining to you what to expect.

So every month, I would normally present to you what song was my most played of a particular month, analysing some of it’s stats and then looking at the fresh music video. This will not be changing, but instead, I will be adding in more about my most played album of the month, along with the music artists that I have really been getting into. I also like to go to many music concerts, so if there is any juicy info to add about any shows that I have been to then these blogs will be the place to find it.

I am completely and utterly obsessed with music, and I really feel that right here and right now is the best place to be to embrace the future of the music industry. There are a lot of changes afoot, and so I want to make my blog stand out more and hopefully gain some more followers in the years ahead. My dream is to be a music editor one day, it can still happen right?

So I wish to say thank you to those of you who have stuck by me and continue to read my blogs, it’s like a dream come true. I really hope you continue to support my ideas and views and I really do appreciate any comments or suggestions you can pass on.

So anyway, I am not going to just leave it like that. There is no stats this month, but I wanted to reflect on some of the great music that there has been out there this past month. These are some tunes that I have been digging:

Calvin Harris – How Deep Is Your Love


Calvin really knows how to get the party started, this is a great summer banger. Does this mean that a new album is on the way or is he just trolling us? Either way, fantastic song and has been eating up a lot of the airplay on my iPhone recently.

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face


This is a really good RnB club banger, and is not like any of his previous musical efforts in my opinion. It’s also really catchy and I can’t stop singing it to myself.

David Zowie – House Every Weekend


Another dance anthem here, this has been on the Radio and TV for weeks on end but it finally got released this month. Hanging around in the Top 10 and also in my most played collection is this gem. Well worth a listen.

Years & Years – Shine


Their debut album “Communion” has gone straight into the album charts #1 slot and well deservedly so too. This song has a great production and is a great summer anthem, challenge yourself to not be humming along by the end.

Jordin Sparks – Right Here Right Now


Woah, didn’t expect a comeback as good as this from the ex-American Idol winner. This song is really hot, I wouldn’t touch it without protection. The video is well worth checking out too, lots of hot dancing in the American desert. I imagine this was my most played song in July.

Let’s dig it…

Right then, see you next month. Let’s get scrobbling!!