Eurovision Song Contest 2015 – Semi Final 2

So it is that time again, I am about to settle down and watch the second semi-final of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. Like on Tuesday night, this is my views on the semi-final, my predictions and then my analysis of the results when they come in.

Let me start by saying that this is by far the strongest of the two semi-finals and features many popular songs. This may be it’s weak point though as I can imagine that this may mean that some good songs may be left behind.

This time around, I am rooting for four countries overall, this is not good news for my phone bill! I am rooting for Czech Republic, Latvia, Azerbaijan and Sweden. This isn’t to say that there are not other songs in the show that I like, it’s just that these four countries have the songs that I really want to get through to the final. Let me explain…

So Sweden and Azerbaijan are pretty much shoe-horned into making it to the final. Both songs are very strong, they always tend to do well in the contest and both songs are amongst the favourites to win this year. Czech Republic is a slightly different story, they have returned to the contest this year after a 6 year absence. The last time they participated (back in 2009!) they came last in their semi-final with the dreaded nil points. They have participated three times in total (before tonight) and the highest place they ever got was second last in their semi-final, so as you can imagine, they are the biggest underdogs here. I also love the classy rock ballad they are bringing to the fold this year and I really think they have a good chance of qualifying. Latvia has a similar story, they haven’t qualified to a final since 2008! This is normally because (let’s admit it) they send weak songs and until this year didn’t take the contest seriously. This year, however, they are sending a very modern and sophisticated electro ballad which I think stands out well against the other songs. Could this be the year they finally get through?

The show…


It was truly amazing, much better than the first semi-final. There were again a few hiccups, but I don’t think it took anything away from the show itself. I have started to notice a few fake audience sounds during the performances which sound really out of place, is that just me? What is the point of that exactly? It was noticed particular during Montenegro’s performance if you watch it again.

The problem with tonight is that I could see every single act getting through and there was no real low point (apart from San Marino). Will there be a big upset for somebody tonight? Stand out performances for me were Ireland (which surprised me), Czech Republic, Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland and Slovenia. Yes, that many! It really is hard to predict who is going to make it through.

Watch this video to learn the dance moves to Israel’s Golden Boy before the results come in, it will ease the tension!

Eek, and then the results came in…

So just as a heads up, my votes tonight went to Czech Republic 3 times, Latvia 2 times and Israel 1 time.

It was very intense watching these results coming in, I am absolutely gutted for Czech Republic who I thought did really well tonight, along with Ireland who really blew me away with their simple performance.

I am very happy for Israel and Latvia who have both not qualified for the final in many years, Latvia not since 2008 remember. This is great news for them both.

The big favourites also made it through, them being Sweden, Norway and Azerbaijan and I can see either of these as being the winner on the night of the final.

It was also surprising to see that Iceland have missed out on their first final since 2007, along with Denmark. We only have two Scandinavian countries in the final this year, which makes me think that the Nordic votes won’t be so sporadic this year. It’s looking good for Sweden! I hope Iceland don’t take the defeat so badly though, it was just very tough competition. Come back fighting next year!

So let’s take a look at the full list of qualifiers…




















So, that’s it! We now know the full list of countries taking part on Saturday night. Who is going to be the winner? I am still hoping for my favourite Spain to do well, if not win the thing. I will be writing a prediction blog sometime tomorrow so stay tuned for that.

Tell me, did your favourite get through? What did you make of the results? Get in touch!

This is too exciting to comprehend.

Before you go, join me in mourning the Czech Republic, their dreams have been dashed once again! Please come back again next year.