Eurovision Song Contest 2015 – Semi Final 1

Well here we go, tonight is the night of the First Semi-Final of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest held in Vienna, Austria. After Conchita Wurst delivered a fantastic performance last year and bringing the contest home to the land of the Alpines, we are finally here in this moment, to watch the 2015 contest. Where are we going to end up in 2016?

It’s time for my thoughts… (before the results)

Well, we started off with Conchita reprising her winning song from last year, and it was amazing. I really loved all of the classic Austrian costumes used and of course, the orchestra! It was amazing and Conchita was a vision in white.

Moldova, Belgium, FYR Macedonia, Serbia, Russia, Albania and Georgia were by far my favourites tonight. Was it just me though, did each performance have like an added clap effect which sounded fake? It just didn’t seem to be what it is. FYR Macedonia really surprised me tonight too, I didn’t rate the song at all before tonight, but it really sounded good live. Is it also true that part of the R&B group Blackstreet are singing backup?

Russia and Albania had amazing live performances tonight, they both sung really well. I can actually see Russia winning this you know. It did make me laugh seeing all of the Rainbow flags make an appearance only during this performance though, coincidence?

The low points for me were Armenia, The Netherlands and Romania. All three of these either sounded like a hot mess (here’s looking at you Armenia) or sounded rather tedious and boring (the latter two). I just can’t see any of these three qualifying.

My favourite of the whole bunch has always been Belgium, what a performance. I really think this is the one to watch and I will be very saddened if it doesn’t qualify. Loïc is such a versatile performer and dancer as well, and really blew everybody else out of the water in the dancing stakes.

In summary, amazing show. It looks very slick and I love all of the graphics. There seemed to be a couple of technical hiccups tonight but nothing that really put a dampener on the show. I really can’t wait to see what the Second Semi-Final will bring.

OK, so the results then came in and… 

_AP57472 (1)

Oh dear Jesus, why on earth has that drivel from Armenia got through? What an absolute mess that was. Was this down to diaspora or juries, I guess all will be revealed.

I am so so happy that Serbia and Belgium have made it through, they truly deserved it. I really think Belgium will be Top 10 at least on Saturday night but we will have to wait and see.

Another surprise qualifier for me was Hungary, Boggie is a great singer but had a really boring and drivel song. I thought it was one of the worst songs from tonight.

The full qualification list looked a bit like this…



















Now we are looking forward to the Second Semi-Final, I hope that the underdogs Czech Republic make it through to the final along with my favourites Sweden, Israel and Azerbaijan. What will the full results from tonight look like after Saturday’s final, any predictions anyone? I imagine Finland was last.

I will blog again Thursday night, stay tuned!