Nicki Minaj – The PinkPrint Tour

Absolutely epic. They are the only two words I can come up with to describe how awesome Nicki Minaj was this weekend. She really delivered a great show full of sexiness, sass, weird dance moves and above all great vocal talents. Not only is Nicki one of the best female rappers in the world at the moment she also proved that she can nail a great song just by singing.

Anyway, so it was time to congregate to the O2 Arena once again to see Nicki Minaj. It was the first time that I have ever seen her live so didn’t know what to expect but I did have great expectations judging from seeing her on TV and the like. This tour is to promote her recent album called “The PinkPrint” which was released in December 2014. The album itself is very solid and has been founding itself having tons of plays on my iTunes. Because of this, I knew the songs and I really think this is the album that Nicki went serious. There are some great tracks on the album such as “Bed of Lies”, “Grand Piano” and “Pills N Potions” that are full of raw emotion and you can tell Nicki is telling it straight from the heart. Then, of course, are the fun and upbeat songs that are dubbed the crowd-pleasers. I have to say that these songs really tore down the roof in the arena.

So, my seats weren’t that good for this show. I kinda bought these tickets late and so there wasn’t much choice. I was sitting in block 409 right at the back and right in the heavens (don’t look down). Nicki looked like an ant on stage but luckily I have one of the best cameras in the world it seems, as I was able to zoom in and take some amazing snaps of what was happening on stage. You would not be able to tellchow far away I was by seeing these pictures which I think is amazing. I did take some videos too but I wasn’t overly impressed with the audio quality. See for yourself and tell me what you think as I post this highlights clip:

Overall, a fantastic show. Nicki and her dancers had some very interesting dance moves shall we say? A shout out as well to the support act Trey Songz who was also there and opened up for Nicki. He was also rather good and it has caused me to look him up on Spotify to check out his back catalogue.

Were you there in the audience last night. What did you think? What was your favourite performance? As always, get in touch.

I will be going to the Eurovision’s Greatest Hits concert on Tuesday night so stay tuned for the obligatory blog that will be following that evening.