Goodbye Glee

Yes, Glee the TV series bows out tomorrow in the US. After six glorious seasons, it is about the right time to say goodbye to the recurring musical TV drama.

I will be sad to see it go in a way, I mean it really has run it’s course and I think after Season 4 things got a bit silly but it has provided some light relief in recent years. Yes, it can be cheesy like most of the time, but you can’t help but sing along to all of the great cover versions that they perform (including some original songs too).

So, it’s time to have a look back and see some of the best bits. I have never written a blog about a TV series before so this could be interesting.

If you have not seen Glee, where have you been? Living under a rock? It is very much designed for a teen audience but anybody can watch it and get into it. It has had some really great storylines over the few years it has been on air and really tackles tolerance in all of it’s glory.

Whenever a song is performed on the show, it was released on iTunes to be downloaded for your pleasure. In the UK, the songs haven’t been released so much in the last two years but never the less, I have loved some of their cover versions on the show and I think that it is time for a countdown right?

So kicking things off at #10, it’s the song that Blaine performs in the Guilty Pleasures episode in Season 4. A really great cover which tugs on the heart strings. (Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) – 51 plays)

At #9, it’s a big group performance which will not be the first in my countdown. This one never fails to make me feel better after a bad day. (This Is The New Year – 52 plays)

#8 is the original song that they performed. It has become a bit of a statement tune for them. It was also performed in a ballad version in Season 5 but this version is way better. (Loser Like Me – 54 plays)

#7 is probably not the most popular song they have done, but I really love their cover of this classic 80’s song. Again, and this is a common theme, this never fails to make me feel better. (In Your Eyes – 56 plays)

#6 is a mash-up, and what a great mash-up this is. Gwyneth Paltrow of all people leads this track, included in the episode “The Substitute”. Great stuff. (Singin’ In The Rain/Umbrella – 57 plays)

#5 is a Christmas track, y’all. This gets played regularly on my iTunes every holiday season and this is another original track for Glee. All Christmas songs should sound like this. (Extraordinary Merry Christmas – 65 plays)

At #4 we have a Jackson 5 covered hit, another early performance in one of the first two seasons. This has obviously tempted my musical tastebuds. (ABC – 68 plays).

Getting close to the top now, and this has rocked to #3 in my countdown. A Spice Girls cover performed in the Guilty Pleasures episode. Doesn’t top the original but still a great listen. (Wannabe – 75 plays)

At #2, it’s the song that is probably my favourite Glee song but hasn’t had more listens than the #1 song. This was performed in the Finn tribute episode (the actor died in real life if you don’t know) and was rather melancholy. Love this. (Seasons Of Love – 80 plays)

Then finally, it’s #1. Was there any doubt that this would be #1. It’s the song that I think Glee will forever be remembered for. I think it was performed at least three times throughout all of the seasons, and they did it so well. This was featured in the first episode and sums up how fun and uplifting Glee is. (Don’t Stop Believin’ – 108 plays

So after a grand total of 121 episodes (the final two being aired tonight), it’s time to say Goodbye Glee. Will you miss it? What are your favourite moments, episodes, storylines? Perhaps you were a fan and went off it (like I know many people did), what turned you off? Share your comments below.

I will leave you with this, the trailer for the finale including some of the best moments throughout the last six seasons.

Cheerio gleeks!