#TBT: Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway (2005)

OK, so how is everybody recently? Still loving the new year or having the new year blues? Either way, it is time for another blog to post. Happy reading!

I am going to be doing posts called #TBT (which stands for Turn Back Time, not Throwback Thursday) dedicated to albums and songs of years gone by. It is me celebrating the music of the past and sharing with you my stories linked with the music.

So anyway, the first #TBT that I am doing (in celebration of her new single “Heartbeat Song”) is Kelly Clarkson’s sophomore album called “Breakaway” which was released in the US in the later reaches of 2004 and didn’t hit the UK until 2005.


The album itself is Kelly’s stand out album. It was the time that she progressed from American Idol winner with a pop debut album to rock idol belting out some proper rock songs and getting all gritty. I still remember the first time I heard the song “Since U Been Gone” and being completely and utterly blown away by how feisty it was. It’s hardly a rock song but it is poppy rock as I call it, and Kelly’s vocals were superb on the song. I remember buying the CD single instantly and playing it over and over again.

The album itself has a lot of stand out tracks on it. Another big favourite of mine is “Breakaway”, the title track. This song is sung at most karaoke bars throughout the world but it really is a great song and has a lot of meaning behind the lyrics. It was also written by another rock/pop idol at the time Avril Lavigne, who I think may be regretting passing it over and not having a hit with it herself.

I still can’t believe that this album is actually 10 years old now. I am currently listening to it right now and it still feels and sounds as fresh as it did back when it was released. Other highlight tracks on the album are “Behind These Hazel Eyes”, “Walk Away” and the stand out ballad “Because Of You” which Kelly wrote about her parents divorce. The lyrics on that song are so dark but hopeful and is such a great song to listen to when you want to be angry in silence.

So, in celebration of Kelly’s comeback. That was my look back at her second album. Whilst we are at it, let’s have a look at her comeback single shall we? Definitely a return to form and I really have high hopes for her new album.

Sounds really good, doesn’t it!?

So anyway, post your views on this album. What are your favourite tracks or memories from this album?