2014: A Reflective

2014 is very almost at an end. It’s time to say goodbye to another chapter in our lives and wish the New Year brings some good tidings.

In this blog I am just going to post some of my highlights of the year for each month followed by my compilation video “2014 in Seconds”.

So let’s get right to it and start off with…


2014-01-12 01.54.36

January started off with a bang. Right at the beginning of the New Year we went to see Melanie C (you know, Sporty Spice) perform a solo show at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire. It was also her 40th birthday so she celebrated in style. It was a great show and she even shared some of her birthday cake (which was made by the guys at ChoccywoccyDooDah) with everybody watching.


2014-02-07 22.13.05

Not quite a good month but it was great to see my Nan turn the grand old age of 80. February was also the time when all of the horrible floods were devastating everywhere in the UK. I just remember February being a miserable month in general.


2014-03-02 13.45.59

March was a great month. Spring was coming and so was the good weather after such a horrible three months of storms and floods everywhere. It was also the time I travelled up to Scotland (although not for the first time this year) and I got to see my Mum and brother. I also got to reconnect with family that either I had never met or hadn’t seen in such a long time.


2014-04-26 21.30.22


Ah yes, April. It all started off with me seeing one of my favourite bands live in Reading. I finally got to see Goldfrapp live in concert promoting their recent album. They really are fantastic live. I also took part in the Electric Run 5K which was held at Wembley stadium. That was a great event, lots of great dance music and everyone high on life. I completed the run in just over 30 minutes so I was pretty proud of myself at the time. Will I do it again next year?


2014-05-10 19.54.01

If you know me well, you will know that May for me is like the second coming of Christmas. Being a massive Eurovision fan, I got to go see the Eurovision final held in Copenhagen this year. I also got to be part of the fan zone right at the front and I managed to get some stunning videos and photos. It was great to see Conchita Wurst win the contest, mainly because of the image it projects throughout Europe and into Russia. We are unstoppable after all! It was a great few nights in Copenhagen and once again I got to meet some fantastic people. Sadly, I will not be attending the show in person in 2015 but I hope to be back for 2016.


2014-06-11 08.15.58

My baby came in to my life in June. Yes, I am talking about a computer here but it was my first ever Apple Mac and I am so glad it came into my life. It really is my baby and it works so much better than any Windows PC could do. I was very glad when it got delivered back in early June. June was of course right at the beginning of the Summer and I remember the mini heatwave that we had towards the end of the month. Every year, especially in June time I always get bad hay-fever and this year unfortunately I ended up having a sort of asthma attack and having to attend hospital to get a nebuliser. It was not a great experience but luckily I have not had it again since.


2014-07-15 14.46.14

My second fray back up North towards Scotland. This time I visited Edinburgh and my friends in Leuchars near St. Andrews. It was great to have a catch up and we had so much fun on this trip. The heat was intense at this time and so a barbecue was the best cure. It was just a great time to unwind and be with friends. I also learned how to play bingo! I hope to come up and visit again in May next year.


2014-08-27 17.45.15

This month was all about the Bush! Kate Bush I mean. I finally got to see one of my idols live and in person as Kate Bush performed at numerous sell out concerts at the Hammersmith Apollo. I had to keep pinching myself that I was really seeing her but it was true, she performed and she was great. The set she did was a lot like being at a theatre watching a play but it was great that she performed most of her big hits, and I was on such a Kate Bush high afterwards.


2014-09-13 14.16.41-1

Back in September, I got to witness one of my good friends get married in a beautiful church in Winchester. It was great to be there and she looked absolutely beautiful in her dress. September in general though was another dire month, although the announcement of the new iPhone was a highlight.


2014-10-28 23.39.05

Wow! Such an action packed time. I went to Las Vegas for a second time and got to see a load of fantastic shows and concerts. It started off by seeing Lady GaGa at the O2 Arena followed by flying out to Las Vegas the next day. Whilst in Las Vegas, we saw Britney Spears (as well as having our seats upgraded free of charge), front row at the Cirque du Soleil show for Michael Jackson (which I really recommend, such a brilliant stage show) and then on Halloween night we saw Evil Dead 4D – The Musical. I didn’t want the fun to end. Seeing the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam was another big highlight. I would quite happily move out to Las Vegas and never look back. An equivalent of DisneyWorld but aimed for adults, what could be more entertaining?


2014-11-28 11.34.13

November, for me, was a low point. I was having the blues from coming back from the best holiday ever to then feeling really ill and then dealing with a lot of obstacles in my path. The positive for me though was that I have learned a lot of lessons from this time and will not let it happen again. Basically, it came down to me leaving Christmas preparations too late and then suffering a financial burden because of it. I am on the right track now though and 2015 is going to be full of positives so I know I will soon find my feet again. I spent way too much money on treats in Las Vegas that I didn’t fully think through what I was doing before it was too late. We’re all human, right? The picture posted was of Reading town centre at lunchtime on Black Friday. You’d think it would be heaving but that was indeed the real picture. I got a load of good bargains that day.


2014-12-25 12.26.27

Finally, here we are. As we are about to countdown the minutes and seconds until 2015 it’s still December and although it was hard picking up the pieces from last month, it really has been a brilliant month. I got to reconnect with some good friends, went ice-skating (or should I say attempted but failed), turned 28 (although this is a sour note) and of course celebrated Christmas in style. We also went to see Midnight Mass at a church in Theale which was great to see on Christmas Eve. All of the good movies were on TV and it was all about celebrating togetherness.

Before I go though, there is one extra treat for you all to watch. For the first time this year, I have started recording one second clips of every day which have been put together into a compilation video. Please take a look. It is called “2014 in Seconds” and is a great insight into what I got up to throughout the year. There will definitely be a “2015 in Seconds” which I hope will be a lot more eventful.

Happy New Year everyone!