Song of the Month – November 2014

Well, it is officially christmas time. It’s time to crank out the festive tunes and trim that tree as we only have 25 (24?) days to go until Christmas is here once again. December is and always will be my favourite month of the year.

Looking back on November, well it wasn’t such a good month. It seemed at one point that every day my luck was running out as something else would go wrong. I was also ill as well so in all honesty I wish to just forget about November completely if I can and focus on the new month ahead.

That being said, it’s time to look at the songs (or song) that helped get me through last month and gave me sanity.

The #1 song of November was in fact “These Days” by Take That who are recently down to a three-piece group. With the departure of Jason Orange in September they have gone from a quintet in their heyday all the way down to a trio but that doesn’t mean that the quality music has to stop. I have always been a fan of Take That and though you won’t always admit it, their songs are the catchiest songs out there. Even if you protest you don’t like them, I bet you will be able to at least name and hum one of the songs in their back catalogue.

“These Days” got a staggering 86 plays during November which is another new record. It took me a while to grow to this song but after seeing them perform it on The X Factor I think I was hooked. The song just stays in your head and there would be times at work I would just be singing it without even thinking about it. The song also has a good message behind it about making the most of what you’ve got and living for the here and now so maybe that has struck a chord with me during the dire month I had.

Let’s have a look at the video, shall we?

Yeah, I am so glad to be seeing them live in concert next year at the O2 Arena. Awesome song and they work so well as a trio.

So it’s now time to look at the Top 5 songs and see who came close to topping the list:

1   Loved track  
2   Loved track  
3   Loved track  
4   Loved track  
5   Loved track  

Well, if I don’t blog beforehand I wish to say a Merry Christmas to all of my followers and readers of this blog. I will do a lot more personal blogs in the new year along with a few VLOG’s if I can be bothered to stick a camera in my face. There won’t be a Song of the Month for December due to it being saturated with Christmas tunes and reflective of 2014 as a whole. There will be a countdown of the Top 100 songs of 2014 though so please come back for that. What is your favourite song of the year? I also will post a blog of some of the best new music we can look forward to in 2015 as well as a personal look back at 2014 in photos & videos. A lot to look forward to but be merry, and have a wonderful christmas!