S Club Reunion

Well, if you’re a pop fan then you are sure going to love the news that has been announced earlier today. Yes, all 7 members of S Club 7 are going to be reuniting next month in aid of charity. They will be performing a medley of hits on the Children In Need show, a bit like how McBusted did last year. Does this spell a future of more S Club tunes to come? Who knows! All I can say is that even though I wasn’t the biggest of fans of them, I am excited to see what a 2014 version of S Club 7 will look.

In aid of this grandiose reunion, I think it’s time we show a video-age. According to my current last.fm playing history, the following five songs are my Top 5 S Club tunes. Are you prepared to travel back in time with me and relive some pop royal history? Course you are!

#5 – Natural (51 plays)

#4 Alive (53 plays)

#3 S Club Party (54 plays)

#2 Reach (67 plays)

#1 Don’t Stop Movin’ (107 plays)