Song of the Month – September 2014

Yes, it’s that time yet again. A new month is upon us and so it’s only appropriate that I tell you what my most played song of September was. September was an exciting month for music, I loved the iTunes Festival shows. Highlights from that was seeing David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Jessie J, Pharrell Williams and of course Kylie Minogue who performed last Saturday.

Back on to subject, last month was very close at the top. Like, so close. Although in the end it was Nicki Minaj that triumphed with her song “Anaconda”. You may have noticed that the song had also made it in to my Top 5 last month at #3 so climbing up to #1 is a pretty cool feat. Anaconda celebrates the best of booty and the video definitely showcases that. In fact, the video has had over 200 million hits already since it was published at the end of August.

Anaconda had a total of 63 plays throughout September. It had the most amount of plays on the 4th September with 11 plays in total. I know for a fact it has been one of my running songs at the gym and whenever it comes on, I normally have to replay it again.

Shall we check out the video? Yes, let’s do it…

Now it is time to look at the Top 5 most played songs. As I mentioned earlier, it was very close at the top. I literally had no idea what song was my favourite until I checked out the stats. Don’t forget you can also look at the stats (and also set up your own account) at

The Top 5 songs are as follows:-

1 Loved track
2 Loved track
3 Loved track
4 Loved track
5 Loved track

So with a lot to look forward to in October, it’s time to bid you farewell. I am very excited about next month as I will be seeing a lot of shows and concerts that I can’t wait to blog about. What music are you digging at the moment? Don’t forget to comment and subscribe.