Madonna: 10000

Madonna turns 10,000! Nah, not really. I have now played Madonna a grand total of 10,000 times (well, from August 2005 at least). 

Madonna has now been played a grand total of 10,000 times since the 25th August 2005. I have my own Last.FM page where you can scrobble music and see it tally up in to all sorts of charts and statistics in weekly, monthly and annual time periods and Madonna is out on top overall. You may think that 10,000 is a very small amount in the grand scheme of things but actually she is the first artist to reach this milestone. Kylie Minogue is hot on her heels (as ever, hehe) with 9,408 plays currently and is likely to reach the 10,000 milestone next. So yes, this is something worth celebrating and looking back at the top 10 songs of Queen Madge that I rate.

Madonna has a new album expected to be out soon. Soon being the operative word that I am not sure about, as it has been teased for many months but whether it is out this side of Christmas or after is yet to be seen. Either way, I am an absolutely massive fan of Madonna and I am massively excited about what the new album will bring. I am also hoping she will tour again and I can finally get tickets to see her live. Yes, that’s right, I have never seen Madonna live yet but I hope to change that very soon.

So anyway, back on topic. It’s all about celebrating Madonna’s discography and the songs that have really ticked my boxes over the years. I will present to you my Top 10 most played Madonna songs but it is worth pointing out that most of it is 2005-2014 heavy.

So here goes:

#10 Hung Up (193 plays)

#9 Sorry (196 plays)

#8 Ray Of Light (197 plays)

#7 Jump (206 plays)

#6 4 Minutes (218 plays)

#5 Get Together (253 plays)

#4 Give Me All Your Luvin’ (271 plays)

#3 Celebration (275 plays)

#2 Miles Away (280 plays)

#1 Girl Gone Wild (361 plays)

“Girl Gone Wild” is my #1 most played Madonna song ever but then I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite song of hers. Madonna has such a vast back-catalogue and I think the Top 10 reflects hype more than taste. Narrowly missing out of my Top 10 is “Holiday”, “Into The Groove”, “Like A Prayer” and “Drowned World/Substitute For Love” which is probably my favourite Madonna ballad. Will Madonna’s new album have a big hit on it that overtakes all of my current Top 10, who knows. I just know that with Madonna it will be an album that I love as I have loved every album of hers individually for different reasons.

I hope you enjoyed my countdown and it made you reminisce on how good some of Madonna songs are. Don’t forget to check out my Last.FM page here where you can check out all of my recent plays and charts of the music that I love and where you can also sign up if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to comment on what your favourite Madonna song is and do you agree with my Top 10?