Vienna – Here I Come (Again)

Well, today it was announced that the annual camp fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest is going to be held in Austria’s capital Vienna. Next year will also be the 60th contest so I imagine it will be very big and over the top but in the best way possible.

I am of course intending to go, making this my third contest in a row that I have gone to. Now that the host city has been announced I have been looking at ideas of what we can do next year. I was thinking of doing a road trip from Reading all the way to Vienna with a bit of Salzburg in between. I have always wanted to visit Salzburg (huge Sound of Music fan and that) and it would be a great way to get really pumped up for the shows as well as seeing a lot more of Austria in the process. I have also been looking at for ideas on rooms or flats to rent for my time there and have found some really great deals.

I have been to Vienna in a very cold December 2010 and really loved the city. It is very vibrant and friendly and I love how it is completely and utterly soaked in history. Whilst classical music is not really my thing, it is great to be in a city that was at the heart of classical music and home to some wonderful musicians and composers. I can’t wait to go back in a (hopefully) warmer month of May and see what the city does to embrace Eurovision and all of the visitors from across the globe. I really feel like they will put on a grand show and I am so excited to be there.

Whether the road trip goes ahead or not, you know for sure that everything I do will be posted here ready for you to digest. With the first national finals planned for November, we haven’t got long to wait until the new season begins and I really hope it’s a good one.

Anyway, it’s time to brush up on my German and get myself prepared for the trip.