Song of the Month – July 2014

The 90’s are well and truly back in vogue! Check out my #1 most played song of July. Weirdly, it is the second time in a row a song called “Your Love” has ended up at my #1. This time though, the song isn’t sung by a Pussycat Doll but a new up and coming artist named Moko.

Moko hails from South London and has featured on a couple of Chase & Status tracks recently. She is bringing really good house music to the foreground and has a new EP entitled “Gold” out later this month. This song as I said earlier, is a true 90’s dance classic except it was released in 2014, not 1994. Does anyone else get vibes of Livin’ Joy when listening to this?

You can find out more information on Moko at her official website Talking of which, I now have my own domain and you can visit my blog at anytime at Yes, there will be tons and tons of updates coming soon!

So anyway, I present you with “Your Love” by Moko. It received a total of 60 plays during July 2014. It got the most plays on the 28th July with 31 plays, wowzers!! If you are big into your dance music, then don’t hesitate and press that play button as you will not regret it.

So with that being #1, it’s time to look at the Top 5. Calvin Harris narrowly missed out being #1 by 4 plays.

1 Loved track
2 Loved track
3 Loved track
4 Loved track
5 Loved track

What do you think will be my most played song this month? I would love to hear any suggestions of songs that you like and you think I may like. Get those Spotify recommendations at the ready!