Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – Jury Final

OK, you might have to bear with me on this. I am going to attempt to blog about tonight’s jury final for you all. Each song I will rank out of, well, 12 (with no 9 or 11) based on vocals and stage performance. After all, that is what the national juries are supposed to be doing.

Anyway, bear with me as here we go into the first song…

1) Ukraine – Great performance as always and works well to start the show. 7 points.

2) Belarus – I can’t help but bop to this song, really catchy and upbeat. Puts a smile on your face. 8 points.

3) Azerbaijan – Not really feeling this, a tad dull. Was sung well though. 4 points.

4) Iceland – This really goes big in the hall. Everyone clapping along and singing, they did well. 6 points.

5) Norway – Perfection. The first big ballad of the show and it flows well. This will do well. 10 points.

6) Romania – Then we go on to the big cheese pop moment of the evening, or the first one anyway. This is your typical euro pop madness but hey, you gotta love it. 10 points.

7) Armenia – Still not really feeling this one. It hasn’t won me over. He has good vocals though. 5 points.

8) Montenegro – Great song this, a good old fashioned balkan ballad. Just what this contest needs. 8 points.

9) Poland – Woah, boobs-o-rama! They really know what demographic they are playing to, sadly I don’t think many of them tune in to Eurovision. Boobs apart, I do like this song. Another one to bop to. 7 points.

10) Greece – This one is a proper party pleaser. Everybody on their feet dancing from the get go. Vocals were shaky (again) but definitely will be a Top 10 finish. 10 points.

11) Austria – This is a very likely winner. The whole hall erupts when Conchita enters the stage. Sang to perfection, this is one to look out for on the scoreboard. 12 points.

12) Germany – Never been too fond of this song. Coming after Austria and before Sweden will hurt it’s chances. Bit boring. 3 points.

13) Sweden – Ah yes, one of the favourites. I don’t personally see this winning but the juries will love this. Sang really well, no malfunctions and a good pop ballad that will likely see a Top 10 finish. 10 points.

14) France – Love this! It’s not the kind of song that does massively well with the juries but tele-voting people will love this. Great stage performance. 10 points.

15) Russia – Meh, never really felt this one. I do feel sorry for the two twins though, now people in the audience are booing them before they have ever sung a note. We should be booing Putin people, not two innocent 17 year olds. It looks childish. 5 points.

16) Italy – What a rocker! Definitely Italy’s answer to P!nk. Again, this is another one of those performances where she will need tele-vote support as I doubt the juries will be loving this. Fantastic stage presence though. Loved it. 10 points.

17) Slovenia – This one also passed me by. Great song, don’t get me wrong but just doesn’t really go anywhere. Might get a bit of jury backing but viewers might struggle to pick up the phone and vote for this. 5 points.

18) Finland – Wow, another fantastic stage show. Great rock song that gets everybody on their feet again. Dark horse maybe? Has got a great draw! 10 points.

19) Spain – Aah, Spain. I have been rooting for this song since the get go but mainly because I have been a massive fan of Ruth since X Factor days. She sang this beautifully but I doubt she will win this now as we have some powerful performances coming up. 12 points from me.

20) Switzerland – This is another crowd pleaser. Lots of Swiss fans in the audience last night, or at least where I was. All clapping along and singing. Fantastic buzz in the arena, but will it get support from the voters? Not so sure. 10 points.

21) Hungary – This was also a big favourite a few weeks ago. That seems to have dwindled slightly recently. I think the dark message is what is turning people off as it were. Great song though, will definitely see Top 10 tomorrow. 8 points.

22) Malta – Dark horse!! A fantastic draw for this act and also a really sweet, uplifting song. If this won, I might not be surprised. Sang to perfection last night. 10 points.

23) Denmark – Needless to say, this got the biggest support by the Jury rehearsal crowd. Never heard a bigger audience response throughout the song. I doubt this will win but you never know. 10 points.

24) The Netherlands – This song has really grown on me. I say grown on me but I think it was after seeing this on stage at the Semi-Final that I fell completely in love with it. It sounds very professional and contemporary and was sang great. Very potential winner! 12 points.

25) San Marino – Lovely Valentina, her third attempt (in a row) and she finally makes it to final. This won’t damage the scoreboard so much but the applause, just because it was her, was electrifying. Great to have a micro state in the final. 8 points.

26) United Kingdom – OK, so this it! She sang it really well, the crowd were in as much high spirits as when their home nation was on stage. I know people doubt it but coming at you right at the end, I am preparing myself to go absolutely nowhere next year and rock up to the venue in my own country for the 2015 contest. I might sound biased but anybody who knows me will tell you how I hardly like any of our entries. Molly delivers it well and could be the one song in such a close year that just pips everyone else to the post. Bravo Molly! 12 points.

So there you have it, my rundown. I will be there again tonight but will be too busy celebrating to give a rundown on the acts. I urge you all to watch, vote for your favourites and get those Union Jacks flying. It’s going to be a very good night!

P.S. The “live” blog is late as my battery died. Why haven’t they invented longer lasting phone batteries yet?