Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – Semi Final 1

Wow, what a result! I think I have just about recovered after watching that.

There were some shockers in the results this evening, who would have thought that my beloved Valentina Monetta (I love her!) has finally made it through to the Grand Final after three consecutive tries. She really really deserves it. No matter what you think of the song, she deserves it on guts alone. She shows real determination and that in my eyes is why she is worthy of a spot in the final.

It was sad to see a couple of entries not make it. I was hoping that Suzy Shaker from Portugal would make it through but it just wasn’t to be, I imagine she may have come close though. I was also shocked to not see Estonia make it through. They had a great stage performance, but maybe being drawn so early in the show harmed their chances.

There is one song I really wasn’t fond of, and it’s no secret. I am so glad that Belgium has not made it through. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sentiment behind “Mother” but the stage performance just came across as over-the-top and resembled something you would see on an episode of Britain’s Got Talent. The song is dull, the fact that he has a good voice is great but when combined with such drivel it just does not work. I may be the only one, but I am so glad that it didn’t make it through. I suppose it didn’t connect with many viewers across Europe also.

So, back to our qualifiers. We have the following:

San Marino
The Netherlands

This is the first time that Montenegro have ever qualified for the Grand Final. Much like San Marino, they are a small nation who seemed to lose out to some of their bigger counterparts. Tonight, it was time for them to shine and shine bright. They have a great song and I really liked the ice skater routine on stage.

The other big surprise for me was Iceland. I didn’t have it down as a qualifier beforehand, in fact I thought it would somehow fight with Latvia for last place in the Semi. How wrong was I? It will be interesting to see whether the song had more support from Televoters or from the National Juries. Maybe it also got the 12 from Denmark?

I won’t bore you all with my thoughts on all the songs, I will save that for the final. It was a great show this evening, seemed very organised and the audience seemed more wild than ever. I cannot wait to be IN that audience later in the week. I was going to bring just my UK flag but I think now that I will have to bring my San Marino flag as well.

What did you think of tonight’s show? Do you think that the right countries went through, and if not, why not?

Look at this, how amazing is it to see SAN MARINO illuminated in bold on Wikipedia. I am still in shock.




3 thoughts on “Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – Semi Final 1

  1. I can’t believe Armenia and Iceland made it through but Estonia and Portugal didn’t! What were the rest of Europe thinking?! I just hope my ultimate favourites, Malta, make it through now or I will be in a major sulk come Saturday night!


      1. Well, if a shit song/singer from Armenia can get into the final from first place, Malta can! And their song and singers are much better! GO MALTA!


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