Electric Run 5K – London 2014

Well, it’s been a long time since i’ve written on here. I promise I will do more blogs in the future.

I wanted to write about my experiences up at the Electric Run in Wembley last night. So here goes…

What a blast! It was so fun! Lots of crazy outfits here, there and everywhere. Lots of banging dance tunes and not to mention the light effects that were used everywhere. Definitely right up my street!

You just know you will have a good time the minute you spot people wearing banana costumes, spider-man impersonators and to the two guys wearing Deadmau5 helmets, I salute you!

There was a lot of waiting around, the queues to get your pack were just horrendous although in fairness it did move quite fast. My only critique is that it did seem badly organised, and that anybody off the streets could just walk in and get away with it. They didn’t even check registration confirmations when picking up the kits. Bit of a blow to the people that paid £20+ to get in.

The kits were pretty cute, you got a glowing wrist band, some glow sticks and then some glow glasses (although mine broke!). You also got the official Electric Run T-Shirt with your runner number to attach to it. I think the best gadget I saw was the glowing balls, although the £25 price tag was a bit much.

When you got in to the start chute though, that’s when the fun begins. A DJ working up the crowd with some of the biggest dance hits of the last few years, combined with the atmosphere of everybody just wanting to go for it. It was, quite simply, AMAZEBALLS!

So, the countdown began and in 5 minute spurts a group would start running together. However, at the beginning all you could seem to do was walk. A bit annoying, but the pace got fired up and the walkers merged on to the left and the runners on the right. I’d like to think I did a calm jog around the whole course, not too fast but not too slow. Just right. So I jogged in the middle to be safe.

So, off we went around Wembley Stadium in a course that went here, there and everywhere with the added cool-ness of music blaring and glow sticks in a frenzy. I managed to do the course in about 30 minutes. I say about, as I did stop at the Neff Mau5 area. You just had to get a few pictures there. A perfect selfie moment, shall we say!

When you finished the course, you descend upon what appears to be like a full on festival. Another live DJ, I can’t for the life of me remember the name, but he was spinning the big tunes into the late hours. Although, it all stopped at 11pm! Was a tad disappointing to say the least but I was exhausted by this time so it wasn’t a bad thing.

So after queueing in traffic in the car park, we finally made our way home. Was an exhausting but a fun little adventure. Makes me very excited about the Color Run coming up in June. Will you be there?

Check out my video of all the shenanigans.