Denmark, I am coming for you! (Again!)

Well yesterday, the first batch of tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 went on sale. I wanted tickets to the Final, as I did the Semi-Finals last year but feel the best experience would be at the Grand Final.

I wasn’t that lucky though to be honest, or so it seemed. The website which sold the tickets puts you into an automatic queueing system. You get randomly drawn to select the tickets that you like from this queue. Whereas, this sounds like a great idea, I was in the queue for almost two hours before I got anywhere. Things weren’t going great…

Of course, what didn’t help is that I am currently abroad in sunny Cyprus. Yesterday, I was also on an excursion in Nicosia exploring the city and then going in to the Northern part of Cyprus. Nicosia is split in two, you know! As lovely and nice as it is here, yesterday my mind was only focused on one thing!

So back on topic, here was me on a coach en route to Nicosia hoping and praying I got randomly selected in this draw. Luckily, the coach had WiFi on board so I never lost connection. Well that was until we came to our first stop. I panicked, thinking I was going to lose connection, but luckily my 3G Roaming got switched on and the connection continued. That was close!

So anyway, I am now walking around with our guide to some lovely Greek Orthadox church. Lovely, it was. All I kept thinking was please let me get selected from this queue. The guide must have thought I was either really miserable or very sad as all I kept doing was looking at my phone whilst she was going on about some Jesus painting on the ceiling and how people stand as oppose to sit in this church. Oh well, I thought. I’ve seen what I needed to see but COME ON WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN SELECTED!! Yes, I am shouting at my phone (in my head though, I am not that weird!)

Later on, when we were actually in Nicosia. There was an update simultaneously on this ticketing website and on Eurovision’s official Twitter to say that tickets for the Grand Final had sold out. Bearing in mind this was almost two hours after I started on this mission to get tickets, my heart sank completely. I don’t know why though, as I had said to myself it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get tickets, there will be more on sale in January.

So, I was feeling a little defeated at this point. Trundling around Nicosia like a kid who had just had their candy snatched away from them. Then, it occurred to me that actually there could be something good from this. There were still tickets for the Jury Final available the night before. I could buy those now, and if I get tickets for the actual final in January as well then happy days! So, that’s what I did. Right there, sitting on some bollard in the middle of a busy Nicosia. There was me logging on to this website (again) and purchasing Jury Final tickets. I think anyone walking past would have just seen this amazingly beaming smile. I was that happy!

My thoughts are this. Earlier this year, I went to Copenhagen and travelled to Malmö for the 2013 contest. However, it was only for the semi-finals. Next year, I wanted to go one better. This is why it kind of initially felt like all or nothing for me. It can still happen for me though, I will keep positive and hope I get my hands on the golden tickets!

At least, I will be in Copenhagen when it is all happening. I will be in that arena (which looks like a giant bin!). I will see all of the finalists perform. I will get to meet some lovely new people, as well as old hopefully. I think for the least part, it is still something to look forward to. If I don’t actually succeed in getting tickets for the Grand Final then I am assured in the knowledge that Copenhagen that evening will be buzzing and I can join in with everybody watching the show on the big screens.

So it leads me to say this: Denmark, I am coming for you! (Again!)