Italy have confirmed to be entering the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

Great news, right? Right! Here’s why…

Italy were absent between 1997 and 2011, that’s 14 years in total folks. Their reasons for being absent for so long are not really known but I would hazard a guess that Eurovision just became unpopular with households within the land of Italy. There could be a number of reasons behind that, but I think the fact that they have now confirmed to be entering Eurovision for the fourth year in a row can only be a good thing.

Italy is well known for it’s jazz and soulful music industry. The type of music that you hear coming out of Italy (minus the cheesy dance songs) appears to be more of a higher class than the rest. The last three years they have brought some of the best songs to the competition and even though they are yet to win (after coming back) I think a win for them is not far off.

Each year, I keep thinking to myself will they or won’t they with regards to their participation. I mainly think this because they were away so long and they kind of feel a bit like the underdog that you root for because in a sense they are “new” to the modern day competition and you can’t help but want them to do well.

So for 2014, RAI (Italian Broadcaster) has declared they will once again take part. There were doubts that this wouldn’t happen though. There was a shake up within the HQ of RAI earlier this year and they appointed a new HoD (that’s Head of Delegation to you and me) who is very conservative in his views and many fans thought that spelled the end for Italy at the contest.

I think it goes to show though that there is a definite sense of willpower from RAI. Ratings year on year are improving and next year the Semi-Final that Italy votes in will be moved from RAI5 to RAI4 (a digital only channel to a more mainstream channel). This subtle difference may mean nothing really, but actually it suggests that they are wanting for the show to do well and hopefully getting an even bigger audience next year.

I think it’s worth saying how much I loved the Italian entry in 2012. Nina Zilli was the best representative for Italy that year and the song, even though wasn’t an initial fan favourite, proved to be the best song for the night. It didn’t win, but I am still heavily playing this song on my iPod to this day.

In terms of rumours for who will be succeeding Marco Mengoni for next year, it looks likely that San Remo will once again be used to select their entrant. San Remo being their equivalent of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen – The biggest event of the year for Italian music. It is also rumoured that Giusy Ferreri will be entering as she has a new album coming for 2014. Could we imagine her singing something like this in Copenhagen? I certainly hope so!

Viva Italia!