Why I believe the UK needs to win Eurovision 2014

Yes, I said it. I mean granted, it’s not a life or death situation but I strongly believe it’s a good thing for the contest if we do indeed win next year. Here are my thoughts…

Well, in 2015, of course it will be the 60th anniversary of the annual camp event. So in that respect, it’s going to be a grand event. I think whoever wins next year will have to pull out all the stops to host the best show in 2015 as there will be a lot of attention from fans and press alike. When I say this, I think what I’m really trying to get at is not to have another Baku 2012 situation where there was a lot of negative press. It will be a year of celebrations and joyous occasions, not politics and corruption.

So  why the United Kingdom? You may think I’m bias. I mean I am British born and bred. That doesn’t mean that I support everything the UK ever does, in fact I am probably one of the few people out there who is ashamed of some of the things that we do. I mean, in 2012? What were the Beeb thinking exactly??

I just think it’s about time another Big 5 country wins. France & Spain more so as they have had appallingly bad results in recent years, and these tended to be unfair results too. Pastora Soler settling for 10th place only? Not on! The trouble with either France or Spain winning is this: They will not put on a good show. Hear me out though, the reason why I think this is because they have lost their passion with the contest. Anything that they decided to do with regards to hosting the event would be half-arsed, as they simply have lost momentum after dwindling results. That’s not to say that they can get back on top, but it’s going to take more than a year to do that. Do you agree?

So that brings me on to why the UK. Yes, finally… my reasons. Well, the UK in general still has a lot of interest in Eurovision. The ratings each year prove that. There is a lot of innuendo so to speak with regards to Eurovision in the media and the press over here in the UK. It’s like a naughty word at school when it gets mentioned. Needless to say, there is still a lot of appeal to the mass market and on the night we tend to go out of our way to support our acts (no matter how crap they are!).

All it would take in my eyes is for the BBC to find the right song. Not the right act as such, but the right song. It can be done. The British music industry at the moment is the best it has been in years and a lot of our home made acts are finding appeal in the US & European markets. We have great songwriters and I strongly believe that a good song will go a long way. Take for instance “Euphoria” which won with a landslide in 2012. This was sung as a demo by Loreen but was indeed meant to go to another artist. That fell through, and Loreen stuck with the demo and the rest is history. As much as you may disagree, I think that big win was more down to the song and not so much Loreen (although she did bring a lot of appeal with her Kate Bush esque performance). It was a song that was and still is very mainstream with that added extra touch of magic. We need to find the “right” song too. Not a copy either, ahem Cascada.

So, again. The UK should win next year. It would be a fantastic pat on the back for the whole of the UK I feel and would really give us some confidence in Eurovision. The BBC would put on a fantastic show which I feel would celebrate the contest throughout the years whilst still being up to date and modern. It would show the rest of Europe that this is a contest to be proud of, and with the right song you can win.

Let me know what you guys think…